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A work site on your street

VIVAQUA, your water operator in Brussels, manages the pipes that bring drinking water to your home and the sewers that discharge waste water. Works may therefore be necessary on these installations: replacement of a pipe, repair of a leak or of a defective sewer, etc.

Some works are scheduled, but our employees also carry out emergency works.

These works are vital to continue to supply you with drinking water and high-quality services.

When works are scheduled on your street, our employees place a document containing all the relevant information in your letter box at least 72 hours before the works begin.

This information is available in French or Dutch only.

Two types of works

When our works are part of a pre-established programme, an information document placed in your box informs you of the date and duration of our works. For emergency works, our employees do not always have time to notify local residents. We thank you for your understanding and do our utmost to limit the impact on your daily life.

Scheduled works

Laying of new pipes, renovation or installation of a sewer, connection to distribution or drainage networks, etc. Our employees replace or repair water or sewer pipes according to a programme established each year. 

These scheduled works are marked out by yellow and blue barriers. A sign informs you of the reason and duration of the works, as well as contact telephone numbers in case of questions.

Scheduled works in progress

Emergency works

In the event of a leak in drinking water pipes or of a sewer collapse, for example, our technical teams intervene urgently to remedy the situation quickly. In this case, it is not possible to inform local residents a long time in advance. 

Most of these works are of short duration, but some works may take longer depending on the severity of the problem. Searching for a leak may also prove to be complex.

A work site on your street: useful information

All works lead to questions from local residents. Find answers to the most common questions here.

The water supply has been cut off: what should you do?

Whenever the water supply is cut off, VIVAQUA flushes the main pipes to remove deposits. We recommend that you purge your pipes by filling two buckets of water at the tap closest to your meter.

The pavement has been poorly repaired

At the end of works, the pavement or road surface repair may be temporary. The final repair will take place a few weeks after the end of the works to allow the time necessary for the soil to settle.

The pavement has been opened up again!

Some works are conducted in collaboration with other stakeholders (electricity, gas, telecoms). The timetable of works is always coordinated with them in order to limit the inconvenience to local residents. However, in some cases, reopening up of the road is inevitable.

What is that mess in the street?

Our technical teams store equipment (pipes, cables, valves, sand, etc.) on work sites in specific areas marked out by barriers. They often encroach on the space for parking, but are essential for the proper execution of the works.

What should you do in the event of disconnection from the sewer?

If your home’s connection to the sewer is interrupted, you must avoid flushing toilets and using showers, washing machines, etc. throughout the duration of the works.

Works-related damage?

Our employees ensure that the lives of local residents are impacted as little as possible. Despite this, there is a chance that your home may suffer damage during works. In this case, do not hesitate to contact our Insurance Department.

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